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Melissa Leigh Morrison

I first spotted Melissa Leigh Morrison at an industry party last year.  I had known of her and had seen many pictures of her online, but seeing her enter the room took my breath away.  At that moment, Melissa claimed a spot on my “Top 5 people to work with” list.

Fast forward the better part of a year.  In that time I had sent a few messages introducing myself and expressing interest in working with Melissa, should she find herself again in Toronto at some point.  No real interest, not that I was surprised at all; she was already a very established figure in the industry and I was (and still am) clawing my way out of the trenches.

For the sake of doing so, and because it had  been more than a few months since my last attempt and I hadn’t really given up, I sent another message reminding Mel of my interest, since Mel is associated with the WBFF and their World Championships were (and are at the time of this writing) just around the corner.  Looking back, I’m pretty certain my reply came within 24 hours; “Yes”!

Now from the time I got an affirmative reply to the date we were to shoot, I hadn’t much time to style up a good session.  So we went upon instinct and shot outdoors on the waterfront.  Of all the images I recall seeing of Mel, the fewest that came to mind were of this type, so I was reasonably sure the concept would find a nice home in her portfolio, as well as mine.  After a few exchanges surrounding location and styling details, we were all set.

My wife will tell you that the time leading up to this session was wrought with tension and nervousness.  Seriously, it was like I was planning a first date!  I didn’t know what to expect and I pretty much went into some sort of robot mode sorting out details and making things happen for the session.  The day arrived and I don’t really remember much at all; it went by so fast!  I know we shot multiple looks at 2 locations and if it weren’t for Cherry Villanos and my wife Sarah shooting some behind the scenes images and video, the whole thing would still be a big blur..

I’m extremely humbled and grateful for the opportunity and hope that our paths cross again soon.  Enjoy the image; you’ll likely find more in other places soon enough..  ;)

D2X4869 800X493 Retouched Branded 184x300 Melissa Leigh Morrison